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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

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70% to 97% of Canadians are deficient in this essential nutrient. It is involved in regulating and expressing over 900 genes. Heart disease, diabetes and many cancers have been associated with deficiencies in this vital nutrient.

What is it?

Vitamin D. The hormone/vitamin that plays a significant role in immune function, bone health, muscle growth and brain function.

You might even be deficient in it too. The symptoms of vitamin D deficiency include:


-Muscle aches



-Low energy

-and many others

Now how can you increase vitamin D?

You can eat foods such as:


-canned tuna



-fortified orange juice

You can also go out in the sun more often to increase your vitamin D levels since it is synthesized in your skin when exposed to sunlight.

If you're finding this a struggle, you can also resort to supplementation. By taking health Canada's recommendation of 400IUs of vitamin D daily, you can work towards optimizing your vitamin D levels.

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